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Premiere Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist in Metairie, LA

Dr. William Junius, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine expert in Metairie, LA. Dr. Junius optimizes surgical and non-surgical treatments as well as minimally invasive treatment options for his patients to prevent or avoid surgery.

Meet William Junius, III, MD

Recover Faster and Perform Better

A New Orleans native, Dr. William Junius has a passion and dedication for bringing his patients the latest innovations and various minimally invasive treatment options. Whenever possible, his team utilizes minimally invasive techniques, such as arthroscopic knee surgery to make repairs while minimizing pain, trauma, and scarring. He also provides large-scale surgeries like knee and hip replacement in Metairie, LA, with an exceptionally high standard of medical care and attention to detail.

Dr. Junius was an Olympic Trials Qualifier in 1996 for the Javelin Throw but tore his elbow and could not attend. As an athlete, Dr. Junius fully understands the demands and challenges that injured athletes face. Dr. Junius strives to get the women and men of Metairie, LA, back on the court or field as soon and safely as possible.

While he prioritizes non-surgical treatments, when surgery is your best or only option, Dr. Junius offers superb and safe, minimally invasive, and arthroscopic surgical care. Nothing makes Dr. Junius happier and more satisfied than seeing the sheer joy and happiness on the faces of his post-operative patients and athletes as they return, functional and pain-free, to their active lifestyles.



If joint, bone, or back problems have brought your active lifestyle to a halt, you can count on Dr. Junius to help you get moving. He specializes in treating various injuries and disorders – from sports-related and traumatic conditions to debilitating and chronic joint pain.  Whether you would like to reclaim your golf game or simply walk up the stairs with greater ease and confidence, know that skilled and experienced orthopedic care is available in Metairie, LA.


Dr Junius’s mission is to help his patients recover from various injuries so that they can go back to participating in sports and healthy activities that make them content and happy. He wants to give you the latest personalized care that is second to none so that you can easily overcome sports injuries, knee problems, and shoulder injuries and return to your active and healthy lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.


Sports Medicine

Sports medicine specialist Dr. William Junius, MD, not only treats your sports injuries but also helps patients avoid further damage, with comprehensive and reliable treatments.

Knee Replacement

 Dr. William Junius, MD, can offer comprehensive treatments for knee pain. He also excels at minimally invasive arthroscopy as well as total joint replacement surgery. 

Hip Replacement

Regardless of the cause of your hip pain, Dr. William Junius, MD, can help. He and his team offer comprehensive treatments and surgery for hip pain. 

What our patients say

Dr. Junius surgically repaired my broken hip 2 years ago. I continue to see him for other issues such as knee pain. I have seen other orthopedic surgeons in the past and they are no match for Dr. Junius. I like the fact that he is patient with my questions and he is honest when he thinks I need a different specialist. I wholeheartedly recommend him

Comprehensive Orthopedic Care in Metairie, LA


Dr. Junius has helped several competitive athletes, sportsmen, weekend warriors, and non-athletes in Metairie who suffer from issues like rotator cuff tear. Dr. Junius performs expert hip replacement surgery, hip reconstructive surgery, and complete and partial knee replacement surgery. As a reliable sports medicine doctor in Metairie, LA, he treats all types of sports injuries and performs the labral repair, Bankart repair, biceps tenotomy, meniscal repair, and cartilage repairs.

While many providers usually view their role in sports medicine as working with an injured athlete, Dr. Junius approaches sports medicine differently. He strongly believes that his role spans from helping patients perform at their highest level when they are healthy and prevent sports injuries from happening in the first place to treating their chronic and acute injuries if they occur.


Accessible and Affordable Care

Dr. Junius gladly accepts most major insurance plans, such as Medicare. If you’ve any questions about coverage for our orthopedic services, please call us. Our knowledgeable and friendly office team is happy to answer all your questions.