Sports Medicine

Caring for Athletes and Sportsmen at All Levels in Metairie, LA

Sports injuries, such as dislocations and tears, occur when playing outdoor or indoor sports or while exercising. These sports injuries may result from inadequate training, accidents, and improper use of protective devices. Some of the most common sports injuries include sprains and strains, meniscal tears and fractures, and dislocations.

Sports medicine specialist Dr. William Junius, MD, not only treats your sports injuries but also helps patients avoid further damage. He and his team provide comprehensive and reliable sports medicine treatments for athletes, including physical therapy. He focuses on helping both competitive and recreational athletes regain their peak performance.

Dr. William Junius is an expert in sports medicine and specializes in elbow, shoulder, and knee surgery, and is passionate about sports medicine research and many regenerative medicine initiatives.

What is Sports Medicine?

Also called sports and exercise medicine (SEM), Sports medicine is a specific branch of medicine that deals with the medical treatment and prevention of sports injuries and exercise-related injuries to improve fitness and performance.


Rotator Cuff Surgery in Metairie, LA

Rotator cuff tears are common injuries that impact the complex shoulder joint and make many daily activities hard to perform because of pain or weakness. Rotator cuff tendons tend to become inflamed because of many reasons, such as aging, overuse, or a fall on an outstretched hand.

And symptoms of a rotator cuff tear or injury may develop immediately following trauma, like a lifting injury, or they might develop gradually. There are various types of surgeries for these injuries.

Dr. Junius can explain each kind of surgery in more detail and determine which surgery you need based on your sports injury. The aim of each surgery is the same: to alleviate inflammation and pain and return your shoulder to normal function.

Treatment for Meniscal Tears and Fractures

Meniscal tears are among the most common injuries to your knee joint. While this can occur at any age, they are more common in athletes and sportspeople involved in contact sports. Tears are often a direct result of over-flexing or twisting the knee joint. Also, a tear can result from heavy lifting.

During your consultation with Dr. Junius in Metairie, LA, he will discuss your various symptoms and medical history. And during your physical examination, he will check for tenderness, helping diagnose a tear. In many cases, the McMurray test is used for diagnosing meniscus tears.

Reliable and Safe Surgery for Sports Injuries in Metairie, LA

Some sports injuries, such as tears and dislocations, involve damage and pain too severe to heal without surgery. Dr. Junius excels in performing surgery in order to repair these injuries, using transplants or grafted tissues to restore function. In many cases, he is able to use minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques to reduce pain and scarring while promoting faster recovery.

In Metairie, LA, Dr. Junius offers patients the most comprehensive and affordable orthopedic care. His state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated team are here to serve the community. Call us now.