Hip Replacement

Did you know that acute hip pain may result from a dislocation, fracture, or damage to your ligaments and cartilage? And chronic hip pain is often caused by arthritis. Is chronic hip pain, stiffness, or irritation making it difficult for you to get around, get a good night’s rest, or do what you enjoy? You may be an ideal candidate for hip replacement surgery in Metairie, LA.

Regardless of the cause of your hip pain, Dr. William Junius, MD, can help. He and his team offer comprehensive treatments and surgery for hip pain. He offers hip replacement surgery and robotic-assisted total hip replacement to restore your hip joint’s structure and function.

Hip Replacement Surgery in Metairie, LA

During hip replacement, Dr. William Junius, MD, will replace your damaged hip with an artificial hip joint prosthesis that consists of a carefully designed replica ball-and-socket joint. And in many cases, only one part of your hip joint is replaced.

Dr. William Junius, MD, specializes in the direct anterior technique as it minimizes the risk of tissue damage. It enhances your range of motion and helps you enjoy everyday activities again.

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement in Metairie, LA

Over the last few years, we have seen great advances in treatment options, such as implants and minimally invasive techniques. One of the latest techniques in joint replacement is the direct anterior hip replacement, and it has resulted in a considerable improvement in outcome. Dr. William Junius will access your hip joint through a tiny incision in the front of your hip, hence the name anterior.

He will work between the two main muscles at the front of your hip without detaching them from your thighbone or pelvis.

Benefits of Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Note that direct anterior hip replacement is a safe and minimally invasive hip surgery that replaces your hip joint without cutting through any tendons or muscles.

Benefits of anterior hip replacement include:

  • Less soft-tissue trauma
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Smaller incision and less scarring
  • Shorter operative time
  • Minimal blood loss; and
  • Quicker recovery

Dr. Junius has performed many hip replacement surgeries. Combining his minimally invasive method with the anterior approach means smaller incisions, less tissue damage from the procedure, minimal scarring, and faster rehabilitation.

After Hip Replacement Surgery

Surgical and medical advances mean considerably shorter hospital stays after surgery. In many cases, 99% of patients walk within a few hours after surgery. Before you are discharged, your care team will make sure that you are able to:

  • Walk with assistive devices on level surfaces
  • Use the bathroom without any assistance
  • Climb up and down steps
  • Perform exercises and activities that your doctor would like you to do at home


Metairie, LA, Dr. Junius offers patients with hip pain the most comprehensive and affordable orthopedic care. Call us now.