Direct anterior hip replacement

Hip replacement has been one of the best surgeries ever invented. Traditional hip replacement requires the surgeon to cut through the large muscles of the thigh. Additionally, these techniques do not allow for accurate measurement of limb length and implant positions. These patients are at high risk for popping the implants out of the socket (dislocation), persistent limp (due to muscle damage) and unequal limb lengths. Of course, these types of problems are a source of patient dissatisfaction with hip replacement.

Direct anterior hip replacement is a minimally invasive technique designed to address these potential issues. In fact, the surgeon operates in the space between muscles and no muscles are cut at all. This allows for a much quicker return to activity with a much lower chance of limping postoperatively. Furthermore, direct measurements of the implant positions and limb length are made, increasing accuracy and reducing the risk of complications. Although this technique is considered to be superior by many, very few surgeons in the New Orleans area are trained and proficient. Doctor Junius has successfully performed this surgery in over 1000 patients. If you would like to know if you are a candidate for this revolutionary, life altering procedure, please call our office and schedule a consultation.